3 Song Demo

by Cümplete Bastürds

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The Funnest Punk Rock EP Released in Decades


released February 15, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By Jason Jouver at +- Studios in Pittsburgh, PA.



all rights reserved


Cümplete Bastürds Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cumplete Basturds are a punk rock band hailing from Pittsburgh,PA. Cumplete Basturds or CumTurd as they call themselves, are comprised of five vile degenerates who's only goal in life is to entertain and offend. With such instant classics such as Party Party Rock-n-Roll,"You're a Cunt (and I hope you die)" & "Jihadi Bride", CumTurd is not for the weak of heart! Cumturd are SUPER INTO Old Chics! ... more

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Track Name: Jihadi Bride
Jihadi bride

I've been waiting for so long
And she finally arrived
Straight from the Islamic state
I got my mail ordered bride
She's Paki, Sunni or something
God only fucking knows
Don't really give a shiite
she's covered from head to toe

Fuck me fundamentally
And wage jihad on my dick
She's gonna give it up
Give it up
For citizenship

I'll be your infidel
My my my jihadi bride 4x

She's my little extremist
She don't have much to say
My hottie jihadi baby
Will blow us all away
With a muff of mass destruction
Make the nonbelievers pay
My hottie jihadi baby
Will blow us all away
Track Name: Greybush

I don't care
I've changed my philosophy
Over time
I learned a thing or two
Now I'm okay
With some maturity
Bang old broads
Is what I like to do

Grey Bush
I like it older
Grey Bush
Fucking the elderly
Grey Bush
We will cruise the seven seas
Grey Bush
Sail away with me

I don't mind
If you're menopausal
tap that ass
And Social security
Ride me hard
You geriatric slut
Come on babe
Take out your teeth for me

Well do the early bird
And be home to watch the news
And you can slip into your
Orthopedic shoes
And I can spend the night
In your bingo arms
In your arms
Track Name: Party Party Rock n Roll
Party Party Rock n Roll

You fuckers like to party?
We'll party in your ass
If you need a good time?
We have pussy on tap
Cuz we love bitches
We were born to rock and roll
Getting paid, getting laid
Getting out of control

You got nothing to lose
Put on your party shoes

Party party rock and roll
Got my fingers in your hole
Party party rock and roll

Party party rock and roll
Ain't using birth control
Party party rock and roll

You bitches wanna party?
Lets burn this fucker down
Show some fucking titty baby
We don't fuck around
Hey bro, Hail Satan
Hellbent for rock and roll
Heaven is for pussies
Who needs a goddamn soul

Party party rock and roll
Got my fingers in your hole
Party party rock and roll

Party party rock and roll
Butt chugging casserole
Party party rock and roll